Welcome to Reconstructive Holistic Integrative International School in Norway

The School

We are an international school dedicated to elevating individual and planetary consciousness by providing holistic wellness and education.

Our mission is to instruct, encounter and motivate students and the general public through a holistic approach. Students will benefit from well-balanced integrated theory, technique and practical experiences.

Graduates of training programs will be qualified to understand and apply the RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL model. We provide students with the best possible in-depth educational and coursework experiences, while offering our students with the latest innovative information.

RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL offers, to the committed students, the tools to integrate this knowledge into their personal and professional lives, assuring the participants to elevate their awareness and experience.

We maintain a group-learning environment through collaborative programs, as well as individual sessions. We encourage our students and alumni to pursuit a continuous lifestyle by immersing themselves in our global support network of peers. All students are empowered, if they choose to, to be an active part of this transformations, which is so needed no in life.

Our main goal is:

  • To provide a service and charity

  • Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration

  • Peace with and within body, mind, family, community, cultures, ecology and the divine.

This program provides life-enriching tools and information that, with application, can be used to transform lives. Our program is designed to ignite true awakening of consciousness and realization. We seek for individuals who are in the growing need for a health, respect for life and acknowledge of our mission.

Bring this priceless knowledge into yourself, your family and your community members. We must come together and make this possible, through experiences, kindness and committed actions. Consequently, we become emissaries of consciousness harmony for creation.

The Work

The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand the realm of something that is beyond time and words to embrace respect for life, others life and everything that is alive.

What can you achieve with reconstructives?

The Structure



SESSIONS  – As a child, we develop all patterns to adapt to the world we grow up in. Such survivor strategies often stop us to live the way of life we want to live. In individual conversations we also work with resolving internal blockages, as well as transforming annoying emotions.

SPEECH CIRCLES  – This is an open conversation group, no therapy group. We meet to reflect together on topics so that we can better meet our challenges so that we can better meet life as it is.

GROWING CIRCLES – This is a combination of theory and personal work in a group with the method Reconstructive. Topics addressed in personal work are hidden from anyone other than Reconstructive and Facillitator. This way the method is open and hidden at the same time.



LEARNING CIRCLES are education in Reconstructive. An education week consists of 5 or 6 intense days. The participants choose which education courses they want to attend on and how many. Our vision is that inner growth only happen from within, and only when we as individuals take responsibility for this process.

Those who attend 5 or 6 day courses receive a certificate. We consider this as the first step on your journey. Most people have to take several weeks before they are ready to work with Reconstructive.

Seeing the whole and other perspectives is changing everything. That’s how we heal ourselves – Marie Fridolf.