Welcome to Reconstructive Holistic Integrative International School in Norway

The School

We are an international school. Our purpose is to provide a holistic education to raise people’s awareness. Our intention is to meet students and course participants so that they acquire integrated theory, techniques and practical experience. You learn through exercises, practical experience and through Reconstructive.

The RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL methods offer increased students and course participants’ awareness and experience so they can integrate knowledge into their everyday lives, privately and professionally. We work both individually and group based. Our learning environment collaborates with other learning environments.

Current and former students are encouraged to participate in our global network of like-minded people. All students have the opportunity, if they choose this, to become an active part of the transformation of consciousness that is happening in the world now and which is so necessary.

Our main goal is:
– To provide a service and social work.
– Providing spiritual guidance and inspiration.
– To contribute so that human beings can find deep inner peace in the body, with their own feelings, with their own family, with society, with the culture you live in, with the ecology and with the divine.

In Norway we offer the following activities:
LA MAGA MEETING.  This is a low threshold offer for those who want to develop their consciousness, understand themselves better. We meet about once a month. Drop in evenings. The evening starts with a lecture or reading from the book La Maga. Then discussion and exercises help us understand more of ourselves and hidden dynamics.

STUDY GROUP: LIFEFORCE. You sign up for a year. It’s a closed group. We start again in Sept. 2019. We then meet 43 times this fall and 5 times our 2020, Wednesdays at 18 – 21/22. We have lectures, chats and socially and performs exercises in groups to better understand ourselves and our lives, as well as transformation of inner conflicts / unresolved emotions. Here there is room for private work.

WORKSHOPS The various workshops have different topics. We work in groups at both in a personalized way and in a hidden way.  You often learn as much as participate in the work of others as your own work.

ONLY RECONSTRUCTIVE. This is an offer for those who have participated in workshops, and who know theory and method. We meet on Wednesdays once a month to make Reconstructive.

TRAINING. By 2020, we do offer training in Reconstructive. This training is during 2 weekends. 21 – 23 February 2020 and 24 – 26 April 2020. In this training you will learn how to use Reconstructive in workshops and in your own individual sessions using footprints. You will make your own footprints in the training. You will also learn how to work with blank paper.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS.  The Reconstructive method helps us explore what is. The method shows us and transforms hidden dynamics that create ailments and problems in our lives. The goal is to become conscious in your own life. Techniques from the lessons, which are individually adapted, can be instantly practiced to create the desired change.

The Work

In Reconstructive we let the energy that is full of information be expressed. This energy take away our masks and show us the truth. Reconstructive will both show us what is hidden, as well as it may transforms problems and internal conflicts. This process takes time. After deconstructing the main issues, new ones appear. By acknowledging what is, recognizing the authentic feelings, something new can arise. In this way one can turn negative emotions into positive ones.

Reconstructive gives us a new understanding of ourselves and of what life is all about. It is a new perspective, a new vision. This deep contact with ourselves, as we establish, will guide us to increase wisdom. Taking responsibility for our life is the biggest step we take for our soul.

The biggest challenge we face in life is changing our survival strategies to an authentic life. This deconstruction is necessary for us to understand the world that is beyond time and words. The deconstruction also needs to take to life as it is, so that we can meet everything that lives with respect.

What can Reconstructive bring to us?

  1. An expanded awareness. Our perception changes. This gives us a changed understanding of ourselves and our relationships.
  2. Transformation of problems, internal conflicts, inappropriate patterns.
  3. We open up more to what is and to other people and experiences that are difficult to understand.
  4. Increased connection and contact with others.
  5. Solve emotional blockages
  6. Better health and well-being.

The Structure


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